Syria Safe Zones Mean Less Fighting — Not a Third World War

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News Story Source:, Wael Al Hussaini
The latest estimations suggest about 73 percent of Syrian civilians already live in the safety provided by the Syrian Armed Forces in the major Syrian cities.

The western media and other "know it all" fairytale "experts" are going on and on about the de-escalation zones and claiming that Russia is imposing a no-fly zone for everyone over large swaths of Syria.

But the blunt reality is: There will be no militarily-enforced "no-fly zones" in Syria; if a no-fly zone was even possible, it would have been imposed years ago. However, no one wants to start a third world war. 

Instead, these zones are "safe" zones—locations without any form of military actions whatsoever, and thus expanding the areas where civilians can live freely while the wheel of a political solution is being pushed forward.

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