Syria Again Falsely Accused of Chemical Weapons Use

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Syria Again Falsely Accused of Chemical Weapons Use

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout over six years of conflict, Syria was accused of using chemical weapons (CWs) numerous times – no evidence presented proving it. None exists.

US-supported terrorists conducted numerous CW attacks. These elements, Washington or its coalition partners were likely responsible for Tuesday's Khan Sheikhoun incident – killing scores, injuring many more, large-scale enough to generate anti-Assad furor.

As expected, Western media, in unison, on cue, automatically blamed him for what happened – what's most important never asked after these type incidents.

Cui bono? What strategic benefit could Assad achieve by killing his own people – with chemical or other weapons? None, of course.

Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers have plenty to gain by staging these incidents, blaming Assad with plenty of scoundrel media help.

Government and allied
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