Symantec: A Cryptocurrency Mining Malware ‘Arms Race’ Is Looming

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The value of digital currencies reached staggering heights in 2017, so companies and criminals alike are figuring out ways to generate virtual coins without having to front the cost of computers or electricity themselves. The solution: code that's sneakily hidden on web pages to hijack your laptop or phone's computing power.

This year alone, The Pirate Bay (a notorious file sharing site), Showtime, and even an Argentine internet provider all served customers code that generated digital currencies (called "mining") using their machines without their knowledge or consent. A new report from information security firm Symantec indicates that this trend isn't about to slow down—quite the opposite. If anything, it's about to get a whole lot worse. The company calls it a looming "arms race" between hackers and security companies.

"We expect that we'll see more and more of them trying to infiltrate ad networks, which are included in many
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