SUPPORT SB 1114 Adding Religious Exemption for School – @ AZ Capitol Tues Feb 19th, 2pm

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Feature Article by Irene Pi

Dear Arizona NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

We need your help to pass a wonderful bill for the families in Arizona, SB 1114 , by Senator Paul Boyer.

SB 1114 deserves your full support because it adds a religious exemption to vaccination for students through 12th grade! Currently school aged children only have a medical and personal exemption in Arizona.

SB 1114 is scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Education Committee at 2:00 pm in Room SHR, (agenda search tool).  We need you there to register your support of this bill and to give your 1 minute statement at the hearing! Our Arizona State Director Irene has requested that everyone wear something YELLOW. If you absolutely can't be there on the 19th, make your calls and send your emails before 2 p.m. on Tuesday (see below).  You can watch the hearing live here:

Before getting into the details, please note that it is critical that everyone in Arizona who car
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