Subconscious Mind: Tame, Reprogram & Control Your Subconscious Mind To Transform Your Life

Subconscious Mind: Tame, Reprogram & Control Your Subconscious Mind To Transform Your Life

Rein over your subconscious mind, reprogram it and take conscious control over it such that it does everything you consciously want to do.

Did you know that over 80% of the decisions we make stem from our subconscious mind, at an emotional level? While we make decisions consciously, the truth is that the subconscious mind runs the show for most of us.

In fact, it is as if we just run on autopilot and our conscious part of the brain just ‘rubber stamps’ the decisions or preferences from our subconscious mind. In simple terms, we (our conscious self) are our subconscious mind’s ‘bitch’ because we do everything it says or wants!

Here an interesting fact when you let your subconscious mind operate with no semblance of conscious control of what it concentrates on and makes habitual, the probability of your life being desirable (to you and others) is slim.

When your subconscious mind rules you, you operate on impulse, which translates to lack of self-discipline, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, chronic procrastination, low productivity, you having bad habits, low emotional intelligence and much more.

If all this sounds familiar and you want to change all that, here is good news for you; you can turn the tables such that you make your subconscious mind your bitch instead of you being its bitch.

How then can you turn the tables to your favor?

This book will walk you by the hand to ensure you succeed at it.

More precisely, in this book, you will:

  • Build a comprehensive understanding of your subconscious mind so that you know just how powerful it is and how much control it has over you

  • Understand why being the one in control over your subconscious mind will work in your favor

  • Find specific steps you can take to gain conscious control over your subconscious mind

  • Know the rules of the game that you MUST adhere to if you are to increase your chances of success

  • Discover other strategies you can use to make reprogramming your subconscious mind a lot easier and more effective

  • Learn much, much more!

By reading this book and taking action, you will be among the few that don’t act out of impulse (which is your subconscious mind controlling your conscious mind). You will be more purposeful and directional in your actions so that you ultimately move closer to the version of yourself that you wish to become i.e. someone with good habits, who doesn’t procrastinate often, someone who is productive, someone who is disciplined and such.

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