Stunning moment Harlem Globetrotters star Bull Bullard makes a trick basketball shot …

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Talk about hang time!

Harlem Globetrotters star Bull Bullard was captured on video Wednesday as he made a trick basketball shot from an airplane at the Woodbine Airport in New Jersey.

Sitting behind the pilot in a two-person Super Cub, Bullard leaned out the doorless plane and dropped a shot at a hoop set up on a landing strip as the plane flew over it at about 70 mph. 

Known for their on-court trickery with a basketball, Bull's shot was the first by a Globetrotter from an airplane. 

The Globetrotters posted the video on Twitter Wednesday morning, writing: 'This was a first in our 92-year history…. FROM AN AIRPLANE.'    

The video attracted nearly 3,600 views within the day.  

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