Stunning cabin slides apart for semi-outdoor living

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News Story Source:, By Adam Williams
Though it looks like a normal cabin at first glance, the unusual dwelling's walls can be slid apart to open it up to the outside, allowing its owners to embrace a semi-outdoor lifestyle.

The idea for Anna Stay was originally conceived when Schols designed a similar garden shed for his mother a few years ago. It proved a big hit and he received media attention worldwide, so in the time since, he has studied architecture formally and worked to create a version that could be sold.

The cabin has four configurations: the first functions as a simple closed cabin, the second is to manually slide its walls apart to open its center up to the elements completely, while the third is the same, but with a glass roof and walls offering protection from the elements. The fourth, meanwhile, is to have glazed enclosures bookending the cabin on either side – it all sounds pretty complicated written down but makes more sense if you check out the photos in the gallery. The exterior is c
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