Stop Drinking Coke: Use It For This Instead

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Coca-Cola made its debut in 1886 in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta. This cocaine and caffeine induced sugary soda was created by pharmacist John Pemberton, who decided to leave his drug making behind with hopes of finding success in the beverage industry.


Not a marketing whiz himself, Pemberton was able to convince Frank Robinson to be his partner and Robinson designed the logo for Coke as well as the name Coca-Cola.

Together they put their cola formula on the market, but sales were rather bleak the first year, which was devastating to Pemberton, who died in August of 1888, before ever seeing any success with his beverage invention.

It was not long, after the passing of Pemberton, that Asa Griggs Candler rescued the Coke business and really started to market the soda. The Coke name was becoming more and more popular all over the country. Within months after forming the Coca-Cola Company, Candler, Robinson and three other partners began really pushing t
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