Stockman: “Hey, Jay, Enough Of Your Stinkin’ Easy Money!”

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News Story Source: by David Stockman
So if you ever needed a final warning to get out of the casino, today's back-to-back eruption of financial insanity from the two most powerful economic actors on the planet should be it.

Even then, we might be inclined to give the Donald a tad bit of slack. After all, he's an absolute dunderhead on economics and spent a lifetime as a leveraged real estate speculator, where, in fact, lower rates are always, but always, to be welcomed when you're rolling the dice with other people's money.

Still, it doesn't get any more primitive or dangerous than the Donald's current conviction that the price of money should be graduated lower based on the current year international league tables of GDP growth or the level of presidential braggadocio, as the case may be.

Effectively, however, the tiny posse of fools who run the ECB and the BOJ are burning down the financial foundations of their own economies. So the Donald insists we burn down ours, too.

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