Steve Mnuchin says the White House is eying May 1 to ‘reopen’ the U.S. but it will …

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News Story Source:, By EMILY GOODIN
President Donald Trump is looking at reopening the economy on May 1 and preparing to announce the formation of a task force designed to combat the economic fallout from the coronavirus.  

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed the date in an appearance on CNBC Thursday morning.

'I do,' he said when host Jim Cramer asked him if he thinks if 'the doctors let us, that we could be open for business in the month of May.' 

Trump originally named Easter Sunday as his goal for getting back to business, a date he had to walk back. 

And the president declined to name a specific day when asked about it at the daily White House press briefing on Thursday.

'I don't want to do that,' he said when inquired if he was looking to reopen things on April 30th or May 1.

But a senior White House official told Axios there's a big internal push for May 1, because that's the end of the administration's &#
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