Stealthy diver delivery boat transforms into a submarine

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News Story Source:, By Ben Coxworth
Currently being developed by UK firm SubSea Craft, VICTA measures 11.95 meters long by 2.3 m wide (39.2 by 7.5 ft), and seats six divers plus a pilot and a navigator. Its matte black composite hull is made of carbon fiber with a Diab foam core, for a good strength-to-weight ratio.

When first setting out on a mission, VICTA moves quickly across the surface like a regular boat. In this mode, it's powered by a customized Seatek 725+ diesel engine which outputs 725 bhp to a set of Konsberg Kamewa water jets. In its final form, it should have a top surface speed of 40 knots (46 mph or 74 km/h), a cruising speed of 30 knots (35 mph or 56 km/h) and a fuel range of 250 nautical miles (288 miles or 463 km).

Once it needs to get stealthy, VICTA stops and floods its cabin, submerging within two minutes. It then becomes a "wet sub," meaning that its occupants are immersed in water, and are wearing dive gear. The divers and crew all breathe from an onboard open circuit air syste
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