Status Revisited

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
A few years ago I wrote an article on status, to rather mixed reviews among the online commenters. Today I'm going back to status, "doubling down," as people like to say these days.

The proximate cause of this return to status is a set of studies I've been doing on Jesus. One of the things I've become clear on while doing this work has been Jesus' strategy for getting his teachings to the people of Israel. And a major component of that strategy was to avoid any mixture of status with his personal image.

Jesus fought to maintain his "mind-slot" as an outsider and a non-powerful person. If he had allowed himself to become famous, people would have believed him for the wrong reasons. To whatever extent they believed him because he was a famous healer (or whatever), the degree of internal changes that his "believers" bore would be that much reduced. And people being changed on the inside was more or less the only thing he really cared abo
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