Starlink Phases and Increasing Download Speeds

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News Story Source: by Brian Wang
This will increase the download bandwidth from 100 mbps to 300 mbps. The second-generation Starlink will use a tighter beam and the ka band. It will be several years for the second generation Starlink to be deployed. The first 12000 Starlink's will be first-generation satellites.

SpaceX will build its 4400 satellite Ku-/Ka-band constellation. SpaceX Starlink will then deploy 7000 satellites in lower orbits that would communicate in V-band frequencies.

May 2020, SpaceX applied for permission to launch 30,000 "second-generation" Starlink broadband Internet satellites. The software on Starlink satellites is updated about once a week.

The second-generation satellites will have three times the data capacity of SpaceX's current satellites.
Polar regions are covered.

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