Spiritual Lenses


Spiritual Lenses
It’s so easy to conform to this world. So many things happen which can make us angry…make us bitter or worse. I believe people actually look through ‘rose-colored glasses’…and by this I mean that we don’t really see the world as it really is. Do you see?
It’s easy to flow through life with horse blinders on. Horse blinders are the small square of firm leather attached at the bridle to keep the horse from over-reacting to surrounding circumstances. This is true for many people by keeping on course with just the view straight ahead, being the center focus. This allows for little distraction but keeps the world around you from entering your ‘bubble’.


It’s understandable, right? This keeps many people from getting caught up in someone business but that’s not the point here. It’s not about changing the things we have no control over which can cause frustration and disappointment, it’s about changing your view.


We can’t change our eyes and what we see but…
GOD wants to change your ‘spiritual lenses’. In doing so, you allow GOD to change the same old things, people and situations and see them with brand new eyes.
Do you wear glasses? If you do then you may understand this a little better. An example would be putting on prescription glasses for the first time and seeing the world as GOD truly made it! Blurry vision keeps people from actually seeing the world and all its beauty.


Of course, one might ask…what about all the danger around us? Well, this is when we ask GOD, just as Daniel did to keep us safe from our enemies.
The challenge here? To make your journey one which requires HIS Grace and to see Jesus Christ in our every day life. Rather then respond with the flesh…respond with spiritual lenses.

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