SpaceX declares independence:

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News Story Source: By STACY LIBERATORE
SpaceX feels Mars is a free planet and it will not recognize Earth-based laws

The claims were recently spotted in  Starlink's beta consumer service terms

SpaceX will abide by international laws while operating on Earth and the moon

However, on Mars it will follow self-governing principles based on good faith 

The news comes a week after Musk said SpaceX aims to build a self-sufficient city on Mars that does not rely on help from Earth to survive 

colony on the red planet will not recognize Earth-based laws.

The claims were spotted buried in Starlink's beta consumer service terms that was recently sent to customers ahead of the internet rollout.

Dubbed 'Governing Laws,' the section states SpaceX will not abide by international laws beyond Earth and the moon, but instead adopt self-governing principles 'established on good faith.'

The terms of service was shared on Twitter and Reddit, but also comes a
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