SpaceX Cannot Broadcast Videos From Space Due to an Obsolete Law

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News Story Source:, by Marcin Frackiewicz
SpaceX is working with NOAA to lift these restrictions in order to bring live views from the space in the future.

These restrictions are a reference to a 1992 rule defined in the National and Commercial Space Program Act that requires private space companies that want to broadcast videos and images gathered from space to obtain a license. NOAA suddenly decided to implement this rule for the Falcon 9 launch on March 30. According to NOAA, the cameras on the second stage of SpaceX are considered as a remote sensing space system and so, SpaceX should get a provisional license.

NOAA released a brief statement stating that all launches will be held to the conditions and requirements of the law. SpaceX obtained a license from NOAA that included conditions on its ability to live stream from space. The company has been broadcasting images and videos from space for years without a license. SpaceX said that they were unaware that licenses were needed until it was informed by NOAA.

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