I recently replied to a comment on my blog comment section and it really struck a nerve.

Wishes are opposite of prayers.
Magic is opposite of miracles.

The safety Satan offers only comes with conditions. It’s temporary and never a permanent soul-tion.

Safety doesn’t come in numbers! It comes in the FAITH that in this state we could never live up to GOD’S standards (as we are), and this is why we need Jesus Christ. The One.

Satan is a proxy. A false light. An idol. A dead end. The power he offers is limited. The solutions are limited. The material possessions are limited. The knowledge is limited and not from GOD.

What you seek is a host to fill your empty vessel that contains your empty soul. That void can only be filled by a demonic spirit or GOD. The Holy Spirit cannot reside with a demon so it cannot host both!

Simple matter of deduction? You are not a Believer. And your body is at risk of oppression. Your mind is at risk of obsession. Your spirit is at risk of possession.

It can all be resolved by asking Jesus Christ to come into your heart. Ask for forgiveness. Seek His heart.


Many paths lead to destruction. Many will lead those who don’t know Jesus Christ to hell. Paths of demons. Doctrines of demons. These are false paths. They lead to conjuring demons, seeking power for evil…and finally the “secret” texts which are counterpart GOD’S Word. The Bible.

Many come in the name of Jesus Christ. Although they utilize His Name, it is not Him. There is only ONE WAY to GOD. Jesus Christ is THE WAY.


The Truth began with GOD and ends with GOD.

Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

It’s hard for many people to discern many doctrines and how to judge their origins. But, I’ve found that Satan mimics everything of GOD. So, parallel it to The Word of GOD and you will have your answer. Does Jesus exist? Does Satan exist?

Is is the truth or lies covered in partial truth….this is how Satan operates. Compartmentalization.

The Left Hand Path is not from GOD. HE is RIGHTeous. THE TRUTH.


The Light is fierce. Powerful. All-encompassing. Eventually it will overcome all darkness when The Will of GOD is complete, but until these we must discern false light from The True Light of GOD.

Darkness may give power but it’s limited. LIGHT from GOD has endless power and love. Satan does not know how to love!


Misguided people are led off the path of Light into the darkness.

Jesus Christ is our Light in the darkness of this planet. He’s our guide. Following His Light allows us to stay on the path to GOD.

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