Soros Soars, GOP Cowards Cower

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News Story Source: by David Cole
 Gascon has one goal: to put the people of L.A. at the mercy of criminals. He's the face of anarcho-tyranny, and George Soros is the wallet. The night after my column, Tucker Carlson devoted his opening segment to Gascon and Soros. I'm not claiming causation; Carlson's done pieces on Gascon before. But what struck me about Carlson's commentary was what he left out.

Tuck opened his Gascon/Soros monologue with a claim that is at once true and misleading:

Many of the most important elections are the ones you hear nothing about. The news media barely covers them and most voters don't know they're happening. As a result, a small group of committed extremists get to control the outcomes of those elections, often with disastrous results.

Look, I despise the media more than anyone. I was writing anti-media screeds back when Tuck was still under the impression that the bow tie was killing it. But it's disingenuous to blame the media in this in
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