July 15, 2011

Aspirin can cause you lesser pain,
but “they’ll” discover Nopalea is
of every remedy the most humane –
the Oscar winner in treatment show biz.
I’ve never had a substance so successful*
in treating “hopeless” conditions in feet –
“hopeless” think the MD’s – and so stressful –
“You’ll never find a medicine that’s meet
to heal your feet and legs – we’re not advanced
enough to find a drug to heal such.
You’ll never walk again, less sing and dance –
or walk without a walker or a crutch –
or wheelchair – which was my own condition;
for Nopalea, quite an easy mission.*

*made from the red fruit of the Nopal cactus from the
Sonoran Desert, mostly in Northern Mexico – used by
the indians for centuries. After 7 days of about 4 oz. a
day, could walk again like a champ, thank God. “And
the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.”

copyright 2011 mid-July
by Andrew B. Goewey
Sanford, FL

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