Sonnet: As long as you’re good, you’ll be great – Alexis de Toqueville


The FBI, our heroes from the past,
have taken leave of all their common sense
and persecute the weak or the outcast
and like to hassle those with no defense.
They steal written word in final form
if it goes ‘gainst some balderdash they think –
and to the strictest fascism conform
employing double-speak and double-think;
since they’re no different than the communists –
in a bad way – they disrespect your rights –
they aren’t believers or just plain deists –
it seems – but hell’s intentions underwrite –
with Mind Control*and DEW’s** they are sadists
and show toward man and woman all their spite.

*our competition with brainwashing, the Nazis
came up with this mostly, getting help from the CIA
from about ’51 or so to ’53.
**directed energy weapons – this irradiation is a military
weapon, and is an abomination, according to Scripture,
there is a place in Daniel where they talk about the
military installing it in the Temple – then everyone freaks
out and heads for the hills, etc.

If you torture people with irradiation, you’re not
acting Christlike, more like you’re demonized.

in 1 John: If you hate your brother you’re a
murderer, and ye know that no murderer hath
eternal life abiding in him.

If you torture people, you are more or less
forced to hate your victim. Trying to cause some-
one’s death is more or less hate.

copyright 4/24/2012
by Andrew Bell Goewey
Sanford, FL

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