Sonnet – “a continuation of one that disappeared” by Andrew B. Goewey

this may be controversial, but no more than other ones from the recent past

Sonnet from 4/22

a continuation of one that disappeared

In ’99 a boulder came at me –
down the mountain, could not fend it off;
the culprits, shaking hands with raucous glee,
were al Quaida and coctail Molotov –

covert in government,* outside the law
they any goodnesss, at doing right, they scoff
to see the mote, but beam they brush right off.**
to them this false pogrom^^ is the last straw.

Got no due process, kept outside the loop,
an agent FBI, she stole my mail
about a hearing which was poisoned soup –
do not pass Go, but go ye straight to jail.

They kept me out of this, completely blind,
a diss and hatred of all of mankind.%

*our government is infested with termites, which gnaw and chew at the very foundations
**parable by Jesus in Matthew 7:3 – 7:5, also in Luke
^ spoiled and hypocritical
^^what’s happening to me is a pogrom, or an organized persecution
%you hate one, you hate them all. You cannot hate your fellow and not hate God. If you
hate your fellow whom you can see, how can you love God whom you cannot see?

Copyright 2012 April by
Andrew B. Goewey
Sanford, Florida

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