Sonett for Barack Obama


Sonett for Barack Obama

one in a series of sonnets for Presidents going back to 1980

Hail Chief, may your efforts be resounded,
respected to the betterment of man –
in this Republic, leaving those dumbfounded
who wrongly criticize and blame – they can

not see that warring in Afghanistan
is fruitless, leaving many soldiers dead,
of America, even Republican
or Democrat, all those who are homebred,

and those who came quite recently to know
the freedom and industrious design
of Founding Fathers, who magnifico,
could rights and freedoms with each intertwine

to give us time, in this quite awkward world,
to be once more sought by just thoughts impearled.

5:10 a.m.
January 14, 2013
Longwood, Florida 32750
Andrew B. Goewey

I have been getting sabotaged by US intelligence agencies for years, their thinking I know something I shouldn’t or rather that they know absolutely nothing about the truth as found in the Bible. They are of the Whore of Babylon, whose spirit took hold of this country back in the late 60’s. You can find stuff about this in Revelation 17-19, and elsewhere. We are Babylon the Great, or Babylon the Wealthy (means same thing in Jacobean English), and we are also of the Church of Laodicea, described in Revelation Chapter 3. Latin America is of the Church of Philadelphia, which is far superior, also described in Revelation Chapter 3. In fact, in the Last Days, it is the only church that is doing right. These are the people gringos love to look down their noses at, etc. According to Revelation, the US of A or Babylon the Great, is the most disgusting and sinful country on earth, while ironically we think we are the best and superior. This signature is sort of a change in signatures, hoping it means something to you all out there. God Bless and seek your Savior, who is Jesus Christ. from Andy Goewey, Sanford, Florida

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