Something More Important Than The Presidential Election

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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This column was written before the polls were closed on Tuesday. So, I do not know the outcome of the presidential election. But my views on this election are well known. For readers who may be new to this column, here is a brief 7-minute video explaining my position.

And as I have said repeatedly: Who you elect at the State and local levels (governor, sheriff, etc.) is far more important than who is elected president. Therefore, to properly judge the outcome of the elections on Tuesday, take a good, hard look at your State and county elections. 

Plus, I want to use this column to happily announce that we are again shipping the Matthew Henry Study Bible.

For years, people who watch my online messages have been asking me to recommend a study Bible. This I was not able to do, because every comprehensive study Bible I knew of taught the false doctrines of Christian Zionism. The only study Bible I knew
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