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Opinion Column by John Semmens
Dear Ernest, I am writing to you as I follow your work and think that you will be most interested. Over the last years I have been thinking about how humans can become independent of the control of the few over the many. I think there may be a way, which I will very briefly outline below and I hope will catch your interest.

Now it is most important to think about and discuss solutions and to motivate people to become independent and self-administer again. Most people feel that current representative democracy is not working in their best interest, but they lack seeing alternatives. Many try to change the system from within, or by fighting against it, but both options fail. This dissatisfaction of the majority however can be used for positive change.

When people see a functioning alternative in action, they will want to take part in it. A truly independent community needs to be able to make decisions and evolve, handle its own money creation and distribution, as well as enable eco
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