Sole Seven-Star Hotel in Venezuela to Accept Petro

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A luxury hotel, offering breathtaking views of Caracas and the Caribbean coast, will be accepting payments in Petro, Venezuela's national cryptocurrency. According to President Maduro, the renovated Humboldt hotel is going to be the first seven-star property in his crisis-stricken Bolivarian Republic.

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Luxury Priced in Petro

The Humboldt hotel is a landmark of Caracas, and is considered among the most interesting examples of XX century urban architecture. It's located in the Waraira Repano National Park, between the capital and the Caribbean coastline of Venezuela.

The 19-story tower, built in the Avila mountain at 2,140 meters above sea level, offers a 360 view stretching to the horizon. Glass and aluminum cover the facade of the hotel which has 70 luxurious rooms and suits. Social areas, conference rooms, an indoor pool, and a cable car will also be available to gue
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