Social Justice Advocate Triumphs in Ecuador

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Social Justice Advocate Triumphs in Ecuador

by Stephen Lendman

With around 97% of votes counted, ruling social justice Alianza PAIS candidate Lenin Moreno leads right-wing Western favorite Guillermo Lasso by a 51.11 – 48.89 per cent margin, according to Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) – calling the process fair and transparent.

Moreno claimed victory as Ecuador's next president. As expected, Lasso alleged fraud, saying:

"They've toyed with popular will. We are going to defend the will of the Ecuadoran people in the face of an attempted fraud that aims to install what would be an illegitimate government."

No evidence suggests fraud. Plenty indicates Sunday's election was open, free and fair. Lasso and his right-wing allies straightaway orchestrated street protests in Quito (Ecuador's capital) and Guayaquil, at times clashing with Moreno supporters, celebrating their candidate's triumph.

Addressing the
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