Smart Cities Could Be Enabled By U.S. Postal Service

The future of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) could be as the eyes, ears and sensor network for the smart city. If cities played along the USPS could also derive a revenue stream that reverses billions of dollars of annual losses.

According to a panel at the Smart Cities Summit in Boston, the future of the USPS may revolve around big data, Internet of things and smart cities.

Here’s the gist of how the USPS could be a smart city enabler:

Trucks and assets drive through cities everyday.
These assets could monitor conditions and the environment for things like potholes, potential for blight and infrastructure conditions.
Data could be delivered back to cities to enhance services.
This data enablement could be a new revenue stream assuming that the Postal Service would be allowed to expand into new services. Regulations prevent the Postal Service from entering non-postal businesses.

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