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News Story Source:, By Dave Hodges
In the following video, several merchants are defying the Arizona Governor's shut down order for the vast majority of small businesses, while the box stores are allowed to remain in business with impunity. This is a clear 14th Amendment violation in which all businesses are not subject to the same policies and enforcement. 

As stated in the video, in Arizona, the billion dollar box stores are not touched by the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, small business owners, who many have still yet to get their federally promised funds, are going broke. The economic projections state that half of the small businesses will not reopen. 

The defiant Wickenburg merchants feel that they have nothing to lose and they are having to choose between going to jail or going broke and losing everything. Meanwhile, life has never been better for the box stores. Reportedly, the Wickenburg Town Manager and Mayor are mindlessly supporting the Governor's unconstitutional orders who has mu
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