Situation Updates for Jan 10th – First they SILENCE you, then they come to KILL you…

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News Story Source: Natural News – Mike Adams
(Natural News) The communist / Marxist purge is on. The tyrannical Left has now deemed all conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and gun owners to be "terrorists" who must be completely silenced by any means necessary. But after the silencing comes the killing fields, of course. Remember: If they don't think you have the right to speak, they don't think you have the right to exist.

Prepare for war to break out across America. You are now living behind enemy lines. Any who oppose the CCP and its puppets (Biden, Brennan, etc.) will be targeted for economic destruction or kinetic executions (government deaths squads).

And to all Leftists reading this, just remember: After they are done killing all of us, they will get busy killing you, too.

Today I have published three podcasts. They are all embedded below. Here are the highlights covered:

The wild overreaction of the fascist Left, which is demanding the elimination of all conservatives from every layer
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