Situation Update, Dec. 27th – Nashville a data wipeout operation… new details

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News Story Source: Natural News – Mike Adams
The clown show of fake news media wants you to believe this incident was a "lone bomber" (does "lone gunman" ring a bell?) who had a suicide wish and just happened to park his suicide van in front of a secret spy hub in downtown Nashville.

Obviously, if he wanted to commit suicide, he could have just used a pistol in his living room. The official narrative is a joke.

In today's Situation Update, we discuss details of the Nashville operation, the deep state, election rigging and what all this means for America.

Note: Since this was recorded, we have new information that points in the direction of the attack being a Direct Energy Weapon rather than a missile. Those details will be shared in the Dec. 28th update.

Here's what's in the Dec. 27th update:

Why did Anthony Quinn Warner give his house to Michelle Swing?

Mysteriously, there is no crater in the street where the bomb supposedly went off.

If this was a conventional bomb, why isn&#
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