Single Michigan mother of 6 fined $1,000 per day for keeping cafe open

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News Story Source: By Audrey Conklin
Michigan's health department has been fining a mother of six $1,000 per day for keeping her cafe open in violation of stay-at-home orders issued Nov. 15, documents obtained by FOX Business show.

Amy Heikken, the owner of Cafa Rosetta in Calumet, is refusing to pay multiple $1,000 fines for keeping her cafe open for indoor dining against state orders, and now she is facing legal challenges.

Erik Kiilunen, a Michigan small business owner who founded the "All Business is Essential" campaign to keep Michigan businesses open and afloat during the pandemic, spoke on behalf of Heikken.

"Amy's just got this sweet disposition. She doesn't want to fight anybody," Kiilunen told FOX Business of Heikken's legal battle with the state. "She doesn't want any of this."

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