Silver Circle needs you now more than ever

Written by Donna Hancock
Date: 06-23-2013
Subject: Entertainment: Movies


Silver Circle needs you now more than ever. After signing on with one of the fastest growing video on demand companies, Gravitas in Hollywood, we’ll be launching our digital release starting July 1st! This means over 15 different platforms will offer Silver Circle through online streaming and video-on-demand options. According to business trends lately, iTunes covers 75% of the total online streaming and VOD sales. This is great news, because iTunes is easy to use, and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an iTunes account?

Silver Circle will be available for rent, for $4.99 ($3.99 for SD) starting on July 1st. You can also purchase the movie for $12.99 ($9.99 for SD) As an independent film, we rely on our core supporters to invade the blogosphere with the big news. That’s why we’d like to invite you to take part in “VOD-Day” and pledge to share the iTunes download link and support for the film.

How VOD-Day will unfold:

It’s easy. Send us a message in response to this request with your formal pledge to post about us on July 1st. Then, you make the decision to write up your own personal post about the release or take a copy we’ll have available for you to copy and paste….schedule your post for July 1st (along with related Tweets and Facebook posts)…and stand back with us and watch the news raid every curious onlooker that takes a step into liberty news territory.

It’s important to stress in your post that the audience should “Rent, rate & review” the movie. The more rental traffic we have rolling in that opening week, the better presence we’ll have overall on the iTunes website and among search engines. Once again, if we’ve ever asked anything of you, this pledge to VOD-Day is the most important! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for continuing to support liberty through film. This release should be impressive!


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