Should I Get Out Of The Military?

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News Story Source: by Danny S
I recently had an email exchange with a fellow officer who reached out after reading some of my articles regarding the state of the U.S. Army, the forever wars, and the difficult decision to leave the military mid-career. With the exception of explanatory parentheticals, the following accurately reflects the uncensored language between two unacquainted, but kindred spirits from the same wayward "tribe:"  Such spontaneous exchanges are, for the author, becoming quite common. The passages in intalics are from me, where explanation is necessary). While I of course am out of the military, he is not and his name has been changed for obvious reasons. 


As I briefly mentioned on Facebook, I'm transitioning from active duty mid-career after fairly significant time in service. I returned from a miserable deployment recently. I'll count my blessing as my unit did not lose anyone, however the leadership checked all the blocks for a toxic command; it was a lon
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