Shingles vaccines scientifically proven to cause chicken pox outbreaks

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(Natural News) Hopped up on vaccine industry funds, the mainstream media went all out in 2015 trying to convince the public that unvaccinated children are spreading disease and endangering society. In tune with other lying mainstream media outlets, The International Business Times lied about the true source of disease while calling for the continued segregation of normal, healthy, unvaccinated children from society. The IBT asked the question: "Should a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate be allowed to share the same pencils and playground as children whose parents did?" In California, children who are not vaccinated are banned from school altogether under the chokehold of SB277. In other states, parents must conform to vaccine laws or beg for exemptions to get their kids into school.

The truth is many vaccines are formulated with live attenuated viruses that go through a process called viral shedding after injection into humans. These vacci
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