Sheriff’s Across America are Standing Up to Defend The Constitution

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Alex Newman
The New American

As state governments and federal lawmakers who take their oath of office seriously work to stop the Obama administration’s proposed unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, a wave of county sheriffs all across the country is rising up to protect gun rights, too. Dozens of chief law enforcement officers have already pledged not to enforce new gun control, and many have even promised to actively prevent the enforcement of unconstitutional federal statutes within their jurisdictions.  

Elected sheriffs, as the top law enforcement officers within their counties, work for the citizens and taxpayers in their jurisdictions, not the federal government. Even the Supreme Court ruled that sheriffs cannot be compelled to follow federal dictates or mandates in a landmark case on gun control. Now, with Obama pushing hard for new restrictions on gun rights — finding strong support from some anti-Second Amendment Democrats in Congress and much of the increasingly discredited establishment media — sheriffs nationwide are putting their foot down to defend the rights of their constituents.

Chief law enforcement officers from Kentucky, Oregon, Texas, California, Missouri, Idaho, Alabama, Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, New York, Utah, Oklahoma, and other states have all spoken out already — many of them in unison. It seems that virtually every single day, more sheriffs are adding their voices to the expanding list of prominent lawmen who have vowed to ensure that the U.S. Constitution is respected in their jurisdictions.

“I am ecstatic about the growing number of sheriffs around the country vowing to defend the Second Amendment against Obama’s unlawful gun control efforts,”  “As the groundswell continues, we expect more and more sheriffs to come out of the woodwork and join our coalition against tyranny!” – former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, a decorated lawman who sued the federal government over gun control and won before going on to found the widely respected Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).


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“America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

The county sheriff is the last line of defense when it comes to upholding and defending the Constitution. The sheriff’s duties and obligations go far beyond writing tickets, arresting criminals and operating jails.

We also have an obligation to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens in our counties.  This includes the right to free speech, the right to assemble and the right to bear arms.

Remember the oath. We took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign AND domestic.

In the history of our world, it is government tyranny that has violated the freedoms granted to us by our Creator more than any other. And it is the duty of the sheriff to protect their counties from those that would take away our freedoms, both foreign AND domestic – whether it is a terrorist from Yemen or a bureaucrat from Washington, DC.

Source: CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association 

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