SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: November 15, 2020 Edition

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Opinion Column by John Semmens
Trump Lawyers Doxxed

In a bid to further curry favor with a prospective Biden Administration, a group of Never-Trump Republicans and left-wing Democrats calling itself the "Lincoln Project" has published the names and addresses of two lawyers assisting President Trump's effort to mount legal challenges against the state of Pennsylvania alleging voting irregularities, infractions of state law, and fraudulent ballots.

George Conway, co-founder of the Lincoln Project and merciless heckler of Trump and Kellyanne Conway–counselor to the president from 2017-2020 and George Conway's wife—averred that "while it may be Trump's legal right to contest the election in the courts, others may not want to aid and abet him. Trump is a social pariah. Those who associate with him should consider their own best interests. The information we published will enable those concerned with these lawyers' future the opportunity to save them before it is too late."
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