SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: January 24, 2021

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Opinion Column by John Semmens
Trump Undermines Congressional Authority

Ordered to vacate the corridors of the Capitol building after Rep. Will Keating (D-MA) complained that he saw a couple of the National Guard troops at a Dunkin Donuts "without wearing the masks mandated by President Biden," former President Donald Trump's offer to let them hang out at his DC hotel incited House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) to add another charge to her impeachment case against him.

"Mr. Trump is no longer in charge of the federal government," Pelosi ranted. "He has no authority to offer accommodations of any sort to these troops. His doing so is further proof of his intention to undermine the rightful authority of the new Administration and Congress. The troops' violation of the mask decree was insubordination of the worst kind. Our relegation of these disloyal units to a parking garage was intended as a warning to others who might exhibit unacceptable levels of obedience and respect towar
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