Selco’s Principles of Successful Makeshift Weapons When You Don’t (or Can’t) Have a Gun

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Writing an article about "what makeshift weapons can you use when you do not have weapons" sounds completely out of the prepper realm. Because when the SHTF and you find yourself in your home without any real weapons, that usually means you are not a prepper or survivalist in the first place. But there are situations when people don't have or cannot have guns.

Given my experience writing about this topic might help you in a way that you understand what people did in those cases. It may help you to know how human psychology works when something bad happens and you are not prepared.

I am not talking here about a situation when suddenly the SHTF and you do not have a weapon but you have a really cool bow and arrows for example because obviously, you have a weapon then. There are other reliable weapons that are not guns.

It is more an article about the transition from not having a weapon at all, in a situation where you needed it to defend yourself in your home or to
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