Selco: Moving Around (with Purpose) When the SHTF

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I called this article moving around with purpose when SHTF with clear intention.

SHTF, especially early stages may be a good opportunity to acquire things through looting, scavenging, or whatever you may call it. However, it is also a good opportunity to end up dead.

So, my advice, it is usually also NOT a good moment to go out without real purpose (or without right purpose) just to "check out what s going on." In other words, curiosity kills the cat.

It may be hard to resist to check " what's going on", I know it from personal experience, but try to find it out without sticking your head directly in.

It may sound logical that if you hear screams and shots in the middle of SHTF to run there and to check what's going on, but it is much more logical to stay home and prepare in the best possible way for the cause of those screams to come to you.

Come up with a clear plan of who stands where, who takes who, where are the ways for bugging
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