Secret Society The Illuminati: Separating Fact from Fiction

Secret Society The Illuminati: Separating Fact from Fiction

Get to know the real Illuminati. Sorting fact from fiction to confront the truth about this secret society. The Illuminati dominates any discussion of secret societies. Search the web, spark up a conversation, or search through a library shelf and soon enough you will encounter their name. They have become an ancient order and a modern sensation at the same time. At once a ubiquitous herald of the new world order and the people who market pop albums, trying to discern the truth about the organisation can get lost amid the hail of noise that inevitably follows any mention of their name. In this book, we will hope to do something different: separate fact from fiction and confront the truth about the Illuminati. To achieve this, we have uncovered fifteen of the most frequently asked questions, queries, and accusations that people have relating to the Illuminati. By taking a discerning, informed look at each of these ideas in detail, we will be able to reach the truth that so many people seek but which can be so hard to find. If you have ever wanted a handy guide to cutting through the mess of information that you find online, then this guide will be perfect for you. Throughout the course of this book, we will look into the origins of the Illuminati, their involvement with the Freemasons, accusations of Satanism, the idea that they caused the French Revolution, their involvement with ancient and celebrity cultures, and their appearance on the dollar bill of the United States of America. If you have ever wanted to know the truth about the Illuminati in a simple, easy to understand guide, this book is exactly what you need. Scroll back up and order your copy now!

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