Seattle: Majority of the Rioters at BLM Protests Were from Out of Town, and Almost 50%…

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News Story Source:, KING5 News
Nearly 50% of people arrested during Seattle's violent demonstrations were white, 18% were black and 28% did not have the race listed on the reports.  Arrest reports indicate the common thread among most suspects is their hostility toward government, the police, and corporate America.
City prosecutors have declined to charge 143 suspects and about 110 others are awaiting charging decisions. Of eight cases where charges have been filed, the city attorney's office dismissed the complaints in six. One of the most disturbing videos of the riots was of a man smashing a metal baseball bat into the head of Seattle police officer who was wearing a bike helmet. Jacob Greenburg, 19, the stepson of former Kirkland State Representative Laura Ruderman, is accused of the attack.

When violence erupted in downtown Seattle in late May, Ed Little was disturbed by the images of looting and violence he saw on television.

"I thought it was crazy. That shouldn't be happening at
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