Science Has Won: Might Is Obsolete

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Since the Bronze Age, human societies have been arranged around brute force. Even now, governments are monopolies of violence. More than that, the very structure of government serves one primary end: to deliver violence. All else is supplemental.

This model has survived on the fear of the ruled. And fundamentally, that boiled down to a fear of insufficiency. Acute fears – monstrous foreign invaders and so on – have always played a role, to be sure, but the bedrock fear was a sense among the populace of being insufficient to deal with the world, even with the help of one's family.

Humanity, from the Bronze Age onward, has believed itself insufficient and felt a need to join with a large, violent entity if they were to survive. That image, however, is so far past its expiration date that its mold and rot are starting to show.

Buckminster Fuller, who saw this coming, explained it this way in 1981:

We can now take care of everybody at a higher standard of living
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