SC voting system is push and pray voting, no paper trail…

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Feature Article by John Brakey
To Andrea Miller of People Demanding Action:

Dear Andrea,

Attached to this email is a Excel spreadsheet that list every county in South Carolina and how the equipment is used.

The voting system that is being currently used in South Carolina at the precinct are Direct Recording Electronics (DRE) made by Election Systems and Software (ES&S).  However, the Absentee Votes are counted on old optical scanner, either the M100 or the M650 which both are far better than the DRE that do not produce a paper trail. These two type scanners are old and do not make ballot images but are far better than voting on DRE.

We call these DRE systems push and pray voting systems, because there is absolutely no paper trail at all and you can only pray that your vote is counted correctly.

Attached is an article from last November that gives a good overview of the problem but apparently nothing is being done.  Link to article, "SC voting machines seeing more problem
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