Satan’s Undeclared War on Humanity


This is “How to Recognize a Satanist” Part Three. It has never been posted. I found it in my files while preparing this series. 

One man’s take on the scope and power of Satanism.

“Satanists have infiltrated most religions and almost all major churches.
This is how you can tell if your church has sold out. The bigger the
church, the less of God you’ll feel there. Any church that talks about
expanding branches is in it for the money — period.” 

How to Recognize a Satanist  

By Samuel Butler


Satanism is the oldest religion on this planet. War has been declared on us all. Any religion not theirs, is to be destroyed.

You’d figure Satan gave the keys of his Kingdom to someone since Christ
refused it.  Who did the keys to Satan’s kingdom go to?
Simple, those that serve him best. I can call myself an elephant all
day long but does it mean I am?

So no matter what religion they hide behind
whether it’s Jew, Christian, Muslim, whatever religion or lack of, if
they all learn from and live by a Satanic Bible, Talmud or other
Satanic books, the people are evil. It’s really simple. Call these
people whatever they like but if they walk like a duck …

Through the Talmud, these people run the world. This book is a book of
Satanism. It’s what ALL world leaders learn from. Anyone that is so
blind to not see the Talmud is as far from the five books of Moses and God
is in really big trouble.

But these people are cowards; they do not openly admit their war on us.
Satanists (Temple of Set, OTO, Golden Dawn, 33rd degree or higher
Freemasons, Jesuits, Talmudic Jews, many others who all serve the same god
Lucifer) do not care whom you worship.

There is no empathy to be shown here
from them. With teachings from an insane pedophile named Aleister
Crowley who called himself “The Beast 666” (should have been “Syphilis itch, itch, itch”) and taught “Do as thou wilt, so shall be
the whole of the law.” (You will hear this in many songs and all
teachings of higher Freemasonry.) Also they learn inspiring teachings
from (ex “carney” worker) Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan that “man
is an animal so do what you want.” Do you
think these people can think normally?

So are we to sit back and become victims? Of course not. We are
supposed to keep this place (Earth) holy until God returns. We’re not
supposed to be cowards and “turn the other cheek” (taken out of proper
context) all as these un Godly leaders tell you. We have a right to
exist and any Christian cult that says otherwise is lying!


Satanists have infiltrated most religions and almost all major churches.
This is how you can tell if your church has sold out. The bigger the
church, the less of God you’ll feel there. Any church that talks about
expanding branches is in it for the money — period.

If your church accepts 501(c)3 status, they are contaminated with
Satanists. [ 501(c)3 status–donations are tax deductible.] There are N0..I mean NO exceptions. Do not stick around long
enough to listen to someone explain it all away…LEAVE. Look for a
church (what is the 4th Commandment?) that appears a bit run down. If
they have a small flock it’s probably because they teach some truth

If your church is HUGE, you have to leave, it’s not of God.
People, it boils down to common sense here. Always test your minister or
preacher; correct them if wrong. Accepting this tax status and Federal
Money means you teach what the Government tells you to preach. Federal
hate laws apply.

What did I warn about Professional types such as clergy, Cops,
lawyers, Freemasons?  Now the Feds run those churches and you better not
“offend” anyone there or face charges. If the church would have stayed
simple, they could have kept the government
out of their business.

I am going to say comfortably 90-95% of all
churches belong to Satan now. Remember 501(c)3 tax exemption is bad for
good churches but can be really good against evil churches as you will
see below. Fight fire with fire.

Look I plan on writing more as this gets deep here. But ask yourselves
why you go to service on Sunday when it’s forbidden? Nowhere in the
bible has it been changed. I will give you a hint as to why these
Satanist run your church and you are so blinded you can’t see it.
Here’s your hint. Council of Laodicea 321AD. Now see why you go on the
wrong day..took me 5 minutes to find this information by the way.


No offense but this is really easy to trick Churchians because they
stopped being intelligent Christians and became
Churchians instead.

If you do not want to be deceived, you will have to read the (KJV) Bible
yourselves people and stop allowing man to tell you what is right or

This IS the biggest problem in churches today. People have no
problem reading “Lord of The Rings” or Oprah’ new book of the month,
even better people will read a series of books explaining the Bible
that they could just read themselves. This is insanity folks wake up. 

Then these lost so-called Churchians sit back, act weak and powerless and do not know what to do about Satanists, much less how to spot one like
Benny Hinn. Wake up people, you do it to yourselves. Satanist know the Bible better than your best ministers and clergy.

Why do you think there are so many different Bibles…research things.
Ever hear of Lucis Printing (Lucifer Printing Company) look at
that thing called N.I.V. (New International Version) Bible…How many occultist symbols can you find on it?

More on that later..Now if you compare those passages to other Bibles
online and see what’s been watered down for you OR left out of it from
The KJV. If you are paying attention here, you’ll see evil runs your
church inside and out. How can you not see they even write your Bibles
for you. What else do they need to do to show you they run your church?
Maybe they can swap the cross with a pentagram? I mean after all The
Pope’s chair has an inverted cross on it and no onme see that.

Ever ask why Churchian groups hate The King James Bible so much?

Are we to stop thinking for ourselves and wait for the police or Big
Brother to protect us?

Ever ask why only Christian cults are mentioned in
the news? Now do Christian cults sacrifice people in ceremonies? Not
that I’m aware of. So who’s the REAL threat here? I really only know of
a couple of religions world-wide that actually sacrifice humans..and
surprise, surprise they all serve the same god Lucifer. 

Whether the
Mayans called him Quetzalcoatl or the ancient Hebrews/Babylonians
called it Baal/Moloch it’s the same god. Same god, same blood
offerings, same crap. Well, the good news is all Satanic cults have
disappeared; after all it would be in the news right? 

Gee, the last time
I heard of a Satanic cult in the news was in the eighties. Well I think
we all know the handful of people that own the media and can only
imagine they (even thou belong to some sort of brotherhood like
Freemasonry) would tell us the truth. Phew, I feel better now.

So being wise as a serpent means to know who they are and not be fooled
by them. It does not mean to be like a serpent you know i’m sure. So if
the media will not tell the truth, we must warn each other.

I have watched this man called Boyd Rice – “the most well known Satanists in the world” (what an honor that must be for this guy)

On YouTube he openly calls for deaths of Christians while speaking to
his group. Of course it’s only an audio recording probably in some
place so they do not get hurt, like a cellar. 

Anyways, I see no
difference between his speeches and the other arch villain of Gotham
City. (what’s it’s name)…Ah yes, Marilyn Manson. This clown talks a
lot of smack for such a skinny twig (someone please feed him)…am I
supposed to be afraid of these guys? 

I’m very serious here, I have a
plastic wiffle bat that should be sufficient for either one of these
two should they show up for me. But they like to prey on weaker people,
so becareful and look out for others.

Seriously people stand up to these guys when they open their pie holes.

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