Satanic Demonic Roots of Hollywood Kabbalah, Modern Religion & King Solomon’s Jews.

How to tell if you are a Son of God or a Son of Man?  Is there a Jesus or did some Jews simply make him up for The Roman Illuminati Elite?
United States of Satan is pushing for an end time war, due to the belief that Lucifer will rule in the New World Order
By Nicolas Duplessis.
Going back to days of Moses and Egypt, there have always been two camps of Jews.  There were the Torah Jews and the demonic “golden calf” or “King Solomon” Jews.
Beverly Hills Kabbala, which has been a major money maker for the Berg Family, has gone main stream but is Kabbala really Judaism?  Under Jewish law, not laws given to Moses from God, but laws that Jews simply made up themselves, along the way, regarding Jewish Identity, Kabbala is not supposed to be taught to anyone that wasn’t a married Jewish male over the age of forty. There is a reason for this rule & I will tell you what jews dont want gentiles to ever know about Kabbalah in a second.
The infamous, Kabbala Center in Beverly Hills, which looks like the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. during Oscar Night, has a “who’s who” of A-List Hollywood, on any given Jewish Sabbath weekend. But what about the dark side of Kabbala? What about the Satanist side of this Jewish mystic practice?
Mainstream “Rabbi Berg” Kabbala, basically amounts to nothing other than an arm for the U.N., which indoctrinate people into the New World Order by trying to strip away one’s culture and identity, which is why everyone is forced to wear white, during the Jewish Sabbath Services held on Friday & Saturday at the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Center.
Why must everyone follow a dress code of all white?  Well, the Kabbala Center says that it is to take away, one’s status in life & outside the synagogue, to lift and bring down everyone to the same social level.  That concept could be true, being that I am from rural Louisiana but I would often be in the same religious attendance with the likes of a filthy rich, pop star like Madonna.
Now being from La. State, the entire thing about the dealing with spirits, praying for ancestors (which is a common way to worship in Voodoo or Santeria) and the wearing of religious items, being that Catholics even walk around with occult items around their necks, wasn’t anything strange, so when I saw Rabbi Berg selling King Solomon like chains and jewelry to gentiles, I didn’t really think anything of it.  My great grand father was Jewish, lived to be 93 or 94, like most members of my family, so I knew a thing or two about religions because he was around until I was about the age of 13.
The one thing that stood out for me about the Kabala Center, when I was a member, was that you never, ever learned anything about the Torah or Judaism but you did learn a lite form of Satanic and Demonic Worship.
What Rabbi Berg is doing with his Kabbala Cult, is indoctrinating his Hollywood A-List Idol Worshippers into a mix of UN luciferin and king Solomon demonic practices.  Most of the celebrities who follow Hollywood Kabbalah ie: Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore are also working with the United Nations, in one form or another.
The United Nations was formed after World War 2 in San Francisco, Ca.  After the U.S., Prescott Bush, Bank of America, Great Britain and some very rich NY Jews from Wall St funded Adolph Hitler with a string of jumbo bank loans, to wage a world domination crusade, before the horrors of what they were doing, started to get exposed & they all pretended to be against Hitler before they were for him in the U.S.
 Then these same ring leaders started putting into work, the demonic influenced concepts when they all created the U.N. to supposedly solve a problem, like Hitler, even though they created the Hitler & as we can see, the genocides around the world, since the creation of the United Nations, is non-stop, with Libya being the latest example at using war, as a means to satiate the demons, which these crazy cooks all worship. 
 War is nothing but a form of human sacrifice which goes back thousands of years, dressed up in present day catch phrases like “humanitarian or kinetic actions”.  But the bottom line, is that once you do certain rituals and invite these demons into your mind/aura or form a pact with Satan, you then need to create ”drama” that spills blood on the Earth, or guest what? These demons will actually kill them. 
Demons can kill the sons of man, which most of these tokens or Freemason are, while Illuminati are from the Sons of God.  We have two camps of Illuminati. The Sons of God that are of light and the Sons of God that are of darkness but the Sons of God, either light or dark, will always be the influencers and leaders over the Sons of Man.
Will the U.N. and Sons of Men, wage a war against God?
The United Nations is supposed to be the world-wide governing agency, but until we are under a New World Order the UN has a job, which is to murder and kill as many people as possible in order to make the world’s population more manageable for a one world language, religion and government.
But why? Well, as the Christian Bible teaches, there was a time, on this planet, when all men spoke the same language.  During this time of a One World Order, the people of this world, started to build the Tower of Babel, which was thought to be a way to not only uplift man to the status of God but to also war against God.
So a New World Order, with one world language, religion (which some British Satanist have already started circulating a new humanist bible), and government, will then allow the Illuminati Satanist, to trick the people of this Earth (sons of man) to war against God & even the Sons of God, who are of light.  There is no way to fight the Illuminati-NWO without also having to fight the Sons of Man, because they will mostly all fall in line with the NWO-Sons of God(dark)-which will then start the epic battle or Armageddon on this Earth.
So, if you’re a Son of God, by having the United Nations and Illuminati de-populate the Sons of Man, they are doing us a favor because that will be less Sons of Man, that we have to worry about following these demons being that the Sons of Man have consistently made choices to align themselves up with the governments, media, wars and the religions of Satan on the Earth.
If you are a Son of God (light) then you already know who you are because your dreams, likely something to do with being taken into space or some where in the Universe (a very vivid dream)-should have already come to pass and that’s all that I will say. BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
It reads in the Dead Sea Scrolls (which is mostly a fake, like the Quran and Christian Bible but like all texts, it was mixed in with real books)-that God returned to the Earth and couldn’t believe the sight when all of the nation’s lined up, behind their leaders, to declare war against him.  This is a bad interpretation being that it originally says that the Sons of Man all lined up behind the NWO-Illuminati to war against the Sons of God (light).  They all line up against us!  That’s the truth and that is already happening, as we see the Illuminati, now being able to control the law enforcement and militaries of the world, to attack the Sons of God (light). So, it has already started.
The Illuminati and their Freemason Slave Tokens, are very well aware of what their end game is in this world because these people are in contact and many are even possessed by powerful demonic entitles.  The end game of the Illuminati Bankers, UN, Religious Heads, Hollywood, Royal Families and Government is to bring in a New World Order to declare war on God, just as it some what outlines in the Bible in regards to the Tower of Babel.
Is there a Jesus?
Absolutely not!  This so called Jesus, really isn’t anything more than the work of some Jews from the demonic camp of Jewish occultism, that were the bankers for Rome and took the demon god, Ra, from ancient Egypt, which was the Sun God( Amen-Ra), and made him into Jesus while the twelve disciples were simply based off of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, being that astrology is a main staple of jewish kabbala. But gentiles still worship Jesus aka Amen-Ra on SUN-day & even say “Amen” after their prayers.
Where did the Jesus teachings come from? Jesus’ teaching were based off of an ancient occult book, called The Book of Law.  The Book of Law is an ancient Egyptian Book, that gives the philosophies for Egyptian Occult Gods and if you put the teachings of Isis, Osisris and Horus (Time Warner-Eye or US Dollar Bill Eye) together, you basically see that all of the so called teachings of Christ, were stolen, by some Jews, from these occult books.  The Book of Law, can sound very lovely and flowery on its surface but its demonic none the less.
What I am saying, is that there is no such thing as Christianity nor is there any such thing as Islam and Judaism is not a religion, but instead the Torah and the Jewish faith, in its original form was simply a guide for living, law, property rights, cooking/eating and maintaining the Jewish identity. 
Judaism isn’t a religion but it’s also not rooted in the worship of idols and pagan occult gods like Islam (where you basically worship Saudi Arabia) and Christianity, where you worship an Amen-Ra.
But the Jews didn’t stop with the gentiles, when it came to coming up with demonic text to form the New Testament but the entire Book of Revelations was gained through channeling of demons and these demons know how this all ends but they will never stop.
Now just like this group of Illuminati Jews, at the request of the royal blood lines of the planet, remixed occultism to come up with Christianity, it is also demonology at the root of Kabbala.  In fact, Kabbala is straight up black magic or Satanism.
(King Solomon 72 Names of Demons but Hollywood Kabbalah teaches that these are 72 different names for God!)
First aspect of Kabbala and the base of Rabbis Berg’s main stream “Kabala Lite” for dumb gentiles or Sons of Man, are the chants (demon calling) and meditation on Hebrew Images that allegedly represent the 72 Names of God.  Just one thing. God doesn’t have 72 names.  The only thing that has 72 Names are the demons listed in King Solomon’s Book of Demons, which he used to build temples. 
King Solomon never said that he had 72 Names of God, but flat out wrote that he had 72 Names of Demons in The Goetia & Keys of Solomon.  So, that’s the first thing on how some jews are delibreatly teaching Hollywood Gentiles about some supposedly New Age Worship that is really nothing but Satanism.
Second thing, is the fact that in Jewish Kabala you will find the darkest of all the black magic rituals which is the bringing back of demons by using a corpse. This is called Necromancy to main stream black magicians but in Judaism it is known as a Golem.
A Golem is nothing more than summoning a demonic force (Frankenstein or Gollum from Lord of the Rings) into the  body of a dead person, which allows the person to rise from the dead through  demonic magic. And this is where the story of Jesus being resurrected from the dead got its roots.  The story of Jesus coming back to life is based off of one of the darkest forms of Satanism that has ever been practiced in this world’s history.
Don’t forget that the Book of Enoch, which was removed from so called Christian Texts except in Ethiopia warn about the Sons of God, teaching decadence, occult, magic and even the feminization of the Sons of Men, which is basically the entire agenda of Hollywood.
So, Christianity at its base, is rooted in Satanism. Satanism that was re-mixed and re-mastered for dumb gentiles by Rome and some Jews, who clearly had sections of the “Holy Grail” which are secret books that teach how to build a society in honor of Satan and these secret books helped to build every aspect of modern day America.
Jesus is Ra, the Sun God from Egypt or Amen-Ra.  Amen-Ra, the sun god, is worshiped, in modern times, with the Celtic Sun Pagan Symbol, used to represent the Sun, which is a circle that contains a smaller circle within the circle aka HBO logo or The Target Stores’ Logo.
Is there a god? Lord yes! Just go sit in a park for 2 hours and stare at the beauty of nature and you will find God.  God is all around and the job of Satan and the UN along with governments and corporations, are to destroy nature, put people in urban centers all over the world and cast demonic influences over you via religion, media and government/political issues, which amounts to nothing more than Satanic Idol Worship.
The NWO of Demons will attempt to kill god, war against god, war against nature and alter the Sons of Man into the image of Satan via genetic and chemical manipulations. It is already happening.
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