Sandy Munro And Malcolm Bricklin Show Why They Bet On EVs With 3 Wheels

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News Story Source: by Gustavo Henrique Ruffo
An electric three-wheeler makes sense for a number of reasons. It is inherently lighter than a regular car and presents less air drag, which makes it a more efficient machine. But there are other reasons for them to be on the market, according to Malcolm Bricklin. He is the man behind the Visionary 3EV, and Sandy Munro interviewed him to present his ideas.

The idea is not for Munro to become a new talk show host. On the contrary: it was just a more entertaining way for both of them to present the project of Bricklin's new vehicle, which Munro & Associates will help to develop. A while ago, both wanted to have Tesla parts in this car, but we are not sure that's the goal anymore.

Both Bricklin and Munro seemed more concerned about explaining why three-wheelers can also be safer and a sound business proposition. Apart from the technical advantages we have already pointed out, the fact that they demand fewer components makes them cheaper to build
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