Sanders Quits Race, Endorsement of Corporatist/Warmonger to Follow

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Sanders Quits Race, Endorsement of Corporatist/Warmonger Biden to Follow

by Stephen Lendman

When revolutionary change is most needed, it's nowhere to be found in the US land of the free and home of the brave in name only — a fantasy democracy, never the real thing, so-called elections part of the charade.

Sanders pretended to be a serious presidential contender in 2016 and in the current race to become Dem nominee.

It was Hillary's turn to pursue the brass ring twice before. Now it's Biden's time, both rock solid establishment figures — their anointment as party standard bearers pre-determined by party bosses. Voters have no say whatever.

That's how the US system works. If elections produced positive change, especially when most needed like now, they'd be banned.

Throughout his House and Senate tenure in Congress since 1991, Sanders' voting record belied his public advocacy, largely along Dem party lines.
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