San Gabriel Valley Gun Sales Soar Among Asian Americans Who Fear Coronavirus-Related Attacks

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David Liu, the owner of Arcadia Firearm & Safety, said his store has been very busy in recent weeks. Liu said he's seen as many as 10 times more customers than usual come through the doors of his business.

"Because of coronavirus, a lot of people start to worry," he said.

The area has a high concentration of Asian Americans, and Liu said many of his customers are afraid they may be targeted because of their ethnicity if a local outbreak of coronavirus occurs.

"I do worry," said Daniel Lim, who recently bought a gun for his wife at Arcadia Firearm & Safety.

Lim said he wants his family to be able to defend themselves, and he fears coronavirus may spark a financial crisis that leads to social disorder.

"I hope and pray it never happens," he said.

Lim isn't alone in thinking that buying a firearm may help him in the event of coronavirus-related attacks.

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