Saker: U.S. Forces Steal Tons of Gold Captured by ISIS in Syria, Iraq

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News Story Source:, Oscar Platt
When ISIS took over Iraq's second largest city last year, it stole nearly $450 million from Mosul's central bank. That included unknown, vast quantities of gold bullion, according the International Business Times and several military experts keeping track of ISIS.

ISIS believes the global economy's current system of paper money is a disaster. A video produced by the ISIS propaganda media unit explains this in a five minute video online called "Dark Rise of Banknotes and The Return of the Gold Dinar."

In the video, they condemn the rise of bank notes like the U.S. dollar, which started as "a mere claim to gold" and are now "a worthless piece of paper."

Wow. What a bunch of nutjobs. Who would ever question the worth and utility of US dollars?


So, what's happening to all that gold now?

US forces are reportedly transferring tons of gold from ISIS-held areas in Syria to the US.

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