Russian Army Has New Body Armor and Promise Combat Exoskeletons

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News Story Source:, brian wang
Russia is promising to develop Ratnik-3 which would be advanced combat exoskeletons, UAVs and combat robots. The US has also been developing combat exoskeletons. Russia and the USA have had small field tests of some exoskeleton systems. Russia is displaying mockups of advanced guns, new helmets and more complete body armor. The main problem for real exoskeletons that boost the weight that a soldier can carry or provide real force multipliers is the batteries and power systems for the gear. US military research has admitted that it will still be 5-10 years or more before real combat exoskeletons will be produced and deployed. Commercial exoskeletons are being deployed in warehouses and factories. Soldiers and workers are able to load and move heavier gear and ammo. This makes supply chains more productive behind the lines. Real combat exoskeletons are research and empty promises.

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